Propaganda goes too low in Mogotio Constuency

Dr Tuitoek mogotio chief campaigner busted having sex with somebody’s wife in Mogotio equator.

the incident occured last week  when neigbours and friends discovered unnecessary discussions and chattings in the wee hours of the night. it is believed that they said fellow who is also quack chemist and was demoted was trying to lick someone’s honeypot. This has shocked many people especially men from the neighboring kapsigiroi area where the fellow is believed to be living and carrying other illicit sexual activity. the same fellow. His conduct had emerged in Tak strategic committee where he was questioned how he had spent 200,000/- during the recent nominations.many people have questioned why he has never married despite being old enough to be a father of 5 ? he has been in active politics since 1997, Tuitoek team are also cautious about giving him any position because his integrity is tainted due to his earlier cases of engaging on sex with peopls wives


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