NASA presidential candidate Raila speaks about today’s misfortunes

Well, today was a day of mixed fortunes. We took our campaign of change to Kiambu County, a Jubilee stronghold. Out of 5 stops, two, Thika and Githurai were engulfed in unseemly violence. The groups of young people who attacked our convoy with stones and other weapons were obviously organised. While the campaign season has seen incidents of heckling, this is the first time such violence has been witnessed.

However, we thank the people of Kiambu for coming out to listen to our great ideas on how to change our current circumstances. We in NASA have a good narrative to tell the people of Kenya across our 47 counties and we are excited at every opportunity to share our message that this election is about changing the direction of this country. 
Peaceful protest and the occasional heckling is part of freedom of speech and is protected by the constitution. As a seasoned politician, I have had my fair share of heckling. However it’s another matter when people come to rallies armed to cause violence. I am asking both our supporters and Jubilee’s to be calm at opposing rallies. Make your opinion be known if you must. It’s part of a democratic process of engaging competing opinions. Organised violence has no place in this process.


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