Endorois people raise issues on how the welfare money is spent 

The locals yesterday rased issues online on how Endorois Welfare money is sourced and spent. They complained that the management of the welfare has for long time kept the community in the dark on the usage and accountability of the money. 

They are urging the management to resign and to pave way for audit of their expenditure. 

Endorois now marginalised by their own sons it has been long actually people of our community are silent but kipkazi must tell us the truth not only marigat and chepsoi the BIG pipe is KIPKAZI the other week he was ati office of youth election some of us we came late he could have face it rough but anyway the truth is that where is the benefits of the community since you were in power kuna pesa ya salalti ata sasa kwa account ya kws a big amount they don’t tell us

Some residents expressed their displeasure on how the welfare is run and managed.

Read some of their comments 

[7/12, 09:42] : Endoroise welfare council has been sleeping for a long time

[7/12, 09:42] ‬: They are siphoning from community

[7/12, 09:43] ‪: One friend of mine told me that they are receiving to avarage of 120-200k per day so my question is ….hii pesa inaenda wapi

[7/12, 09:45] ‪‬: 160000*365=58400000

Almost 6 billion per annum

[7/12, 09:45] ‪: Yet they cant provide even a single internship to single individual

[7/12, 09:46] ‪+254 726 22‬: EWC personal projects start yours….

[7/12, 09:49] ‪+254 726 26‬: I understand, I have asked yourself why office is in nakuru?

[7/12, 09:50] ‪+254 71421‬: We need transparency in this office…..we need all book of accounts…..as well as their bank statement

[7/12, 09:54] ‪+254 7421‬: Should we allow few individual to continue siphoning while the rest of community continue so watch????

[7/12, 09:56] ‪+254 768‬: Have realized we’ve selfish individuals including the likes of Christine Kandie and Kiratu

[7/12, 10:00] ‪+254 711 1‬: They are receiving money to run projects but there is nothing going on

[7/12, 10:01] ‪+25448‬: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

So someone was financing his political campaigns with EWC money?🤣🤣🤣🤣

[7/12, 10:03] ‪+25448‬: Just asking,

We cannot continue having cartels within the community siphoning community resources for their own personal gain

[7/12, 10:06] ‪+254 1‬: We need transparency since this isnt a family affair nor an individual enterprise

[7/12, 10:08] ‪+2545248‬: The likes of Christine flying inside and outside of various countries with EWC monies and she got guts to post many of her personal pics on social media enticing team mafisi🤣🤣🤣🤣

[7/12, 10:10] ‪+254 7421‬: December 2016… The money which was in account was 1.2 milllion….on january 2017….the money was not there….what is happening

[7/12, 10:22] ‪+254 21‬: Musa and Marigat should resign

Musa and Marigat should resign

Musa and Marigat should resign

The post by Christine Kandie surfaced online hours after the complaint. The residents had questioned her many trips outside Kenya with no benefits to the society.

Here is the post

#EMRIP Christine from Endorios Communities from Kenyan lake of Bogoria is writing her statement for Incomindios. Keep updated!

Statement about the 10th anniversary of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: 

“As much as we are celebrating success of winning our rights to our lands, there are more painful stories and painful moments our people undergo. For the last 4 years, 32 people have been killed and 4 more yesterday. Cry of lost one always covers celebrations. 

Statement about the new mandate of EMRIP:

“I am talking about our land on sunrise and sunset of our day. The murder just mentioned, add more to the pain after 7 years of waiting caused by the silence of kenyan government. We weren’t allowed to speak of our rights, which have been  guaranteed by African Commission. Now at Geneva, we are speaking to the world to rescue us from this threat. It should be guaranteed to come on a regular base to UN-Geneva.


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